Buying Tips

Buying Tips

Once you have found the perfect property, we can help you through every stage of the purchase process for a smooth and pleasant transaction.

Buying a property with LJ Hooker

Your LJ Hooker City Residential agent can help you arrange the inspections and pre-purchase reports you require, most of which can be completed within 24 to 48 hours. We can also put you in touch with finance brokers at LJ Hooker Home Loans and tax depreciation specialists - particularly useful if you are purchasing an investment property.

At LJ Hooker, we can assist you with the moving process too - whether you need help relocating or setting up your utility accounts with LJ Hooker Assist, your agent can offer valuable support.

Guide to Buying Real Estate

You may think that buying a property is the same right across Australia - but there are steps and processes that are specific to each state that you should be aware of.

We have created a series of guides for buying property in each state including the different ways to buy, how to research our local market, the costs involved when buying a home, how to find a property, what to look for at inspections, understanding contracts, the settlement process and more.

Click here for the WA Real Estate Buyers Guide


First Home Buyers Guide

Buying a first home is a nerve wracking experience and what you need to know differs in each state and territory. Here is a complete first home owners guide for WA to help you navigate through the buying process and get you onto the property ladder faster.

From understanding the first home owners grant, working out how much you can afford, the different ways to buy a property, where to research the local property market, tips on finding the right home, what goes into a contract of sale, how the settlement process works and more.

Click here for the First Home buyers guide in WA

Things you need to know when buying your first home.

Be practical

  • Remember to look at all aspects of the property. It is about balancing the pros and cons as no property will ever be perfect.
  • Consider who your neighbours are going to be, parking availability, any repairs or renovations needed, future development planned for the surrounding area, proximity to amenities like shops and transport, noise pollution from traffic and aircraft and the overall street appeal.
  • Choosing the right area to buy in is important and not just from a capital growth point of view. Where you live becomes a big part of your life and essentially forms the lifestyle you live. Consider the distance you are prepared to travel to work every day, is there a direct public transport route? Are there adequate amenities for your needs and your family? Find out where the nearest hospitals, schools, shopping centres and recreational spaces are all located. These things all have an impact on your everyday life and happiness.
  • Be prepared to act quickly, especially once you have found the property you want. Whether it is the first property you spot or you’ve been looking every weekend for a year, if it feels right, is in your price range and you’ve done the necessary checks then go for it before someone else beats you to it.
  • If you are interested in a property, keep up communication with the agent. Make sure they know you are interested so you don’t miss out to another buyer who was more proactive. Give yourself every chance of buying it.
  • Try not to let your emotions get in the way, which is sometimes easier said than done. If you feel you have become too emotionally attached to a property, ask a friend or family member to bid on your behalf.  It is better to play it safe and always consider future events that could impact on your ability to repay your loan, like job security, interest rates rises, health and starting a family.
  • Know when to compromise, when to stand your ground and when to walk away. Waiting for the perfect property to come along could take forever, settling for less than perfect now could mean moving up the property ladder a whole lot quicker.

Do your homework

  • Obtain pre-approved for a loan so you know exactly how much you can spend before you even begin your search
  • You may have fallen in love with a property but be sure to do your research before getting too attached or making an offer.
  • Understand the market you want to buy in. Websites like,,, offer fantastic resources when researching the property market.
  • Understanding the practicalities of buying a home and the sales process prior to making an offer or bidding at an auction. Read up on how auctions work and tips on bidding, the same goes for making an offer on a property for sale by private treaty.
  • Create a list of all the properties to keep track of what you’ve looked at, the features of each property and the asking price so you can compare the pros and cons of each property and what you may need to compromise on

Protect yourself

  • Never buy anything without getting an independent building and pest inspection report done, as well as a strata report if you are buying an apartment.
  • For apartment buyers, a strata report is a must and will show you the records of the strata scheme, which can include any special levies proposed in the future that you may be required to contribute to, a history of the building’s maintenance work, as well as the amount of money in the sinking and administration funds.
  • Never sign anything you do not understand. It is best to have your solicitor or conveyancer review the contract before you sign an offer to purchase or exchange.

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